Tools, guides, resources, and more to help you get the most out of your health benefits initiatives.

Reshaping a Wellbeing Strategy: Webinar on April 13 with Accenture

Accenture recently executed a major overhaul of its employee wellbeing program. This new approach sought to integrate a variety of one-off solutions into a single one-stop shop, via a mobile-first platform powered by Jiff. In this webinar, Julie Wilkes, Accenture’s U.S. Wellness lead will explain how the program took shape.

Next Generation Wellbeing: Webinar with Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson recently launched Healthy & Me™, a comprehensive digital wellbeing platform, powered by Jiff. This webinar will explore how J&J planned and executed the project, and will provide a glimpse into early results

Activision Blizzard Increases Participation in Pregnancy Program with Jiff

Activision Blizzard increased pregnancy program engagement by 3x using Jiff and Ovia.

Wellness Incentives: Webinar on New Regulations and Emerging Best Practices

This webinar explores how leading companies are designing incentive programs to deliver maximum impact, while remaining compliant with all relevant laws.

Milt Ezzard of Activision Blizzard Discusses Jiff

Milt Ezzard is the Senior Director of Global Benefits at Activision Blizzard. In this video, Milt discusses his experiences with Jiff, and plans for the future.

Sarah Sardella of Akamai Technologies Discusses Jiff

Sarah Sardella is the Director of Global Benefits at Akamai Technologies. In this video, Sarah discusses her experiences with Jiff, and impact to date.

Activision Blizzard Increases Participation in Mental Health Program with Jiff

Activision Blizzard increased mental health program engagement by 1.4X using Jiff.

Wearables: Employer Tool or Employee Perk?

This webinar will be presented jointly by Jiff and Willis Towers Watson, and will review early wearable program results from several large employers.

Wearables at Work: Results from 14 Large Employers

Can wearables make a difference in employee health? Jiff set out to answer this question and more, reviewing data across 14 large employers, spanning more than 22 months of continuous data collection, and representing more than 250,000 lives.