The Definitive Engagement Platform

Your benefits ecosystem is more complex than ever. Bring order to chaos with a scalable, modular benefits hub that is built for the enterprise.

One-Stop Shop

Provide a single place for employees to access benefits and navigate healthcare.

Engagement Decoded

Maximize employee participation in every kind of benefits initiative.

Completely Configurable

Tailor the experience for your benefits, your company, and your people.

ROI Multiplier

Amplify the impact of benefits initiatives by inspiring more action from more people.

Key Features


Your personalized newsfeed for benefits.

Newsfeeds are popular in the consumer-mobile world for a reason. They communicate massive amounts of information in a way that’s easy to digest. At Jiff, we have adapted this feature to the world of health benefits, where each user gets a uniquely tailored stream of information that adjusts to their changing interests, needs, and personality.


Communicate with employees, wherever they are.

The average American spends more than 4 hours per day on their smartphone. Yet in the workplace, most employers continue to rely on 20th century tools like email, snail mail, and posters. With Jiff, you can send real-time, mobile push notifications to all your employees, or target a particular segment by age, geography, health interests, and more.

Benefits Resources

Say goodbye to your benefits portal.

Many benefits portals are starting to grow cobwebs. Sadly, these sites are often clunky and underutilized. At Jiff, we’ve re-imagined the benefits portal by including it as a beautiful mobile-first feature in our comprehensive user-experience. Your employees will know exactly where to go for questions about their benefits.

Hub & Search

New benefits should feel like benefits, not burdens.

Launching a new health initiative can be a double-edged sword. Yes, you provide your employees with yet another option to improve their health. But each new program comes with more complexity, more brand names, and more passwords to remember. The Jiff Hub & Search feature makes it easy to explore a variety of different program, creating a beautiful and intuitive “one-brand” experience.

Mission Control

Never stop improving.

Powered by our proprietary ABOS framework, these beautiful and intuitive dashboards help you manage performance across a wide range of benefits programs. Get real-time feedback on what’s working and what’s not. Receive actionable insights and relevant best-practices. And don’t worry, your Customer Success team is always here to help.

Additional Features

Jiff Store

A marketplace where employees can directly purchase third-party apps, devices or services used to participate in programs.

Rewards Center

A place to redeem points earned through the Jiff platform, with flexible reward options to match your incentive design.

Pulse Survey

Single-question surveys that employers can administer to employees via the homestream, with the purpose of giving employers feedback on their population.


A variety of social and competitive games, built on the Jiff platform, that reward users for taking healthy actions.


Ability to offer points or dollars for specific actions, behaviors, or outcomes in different employee health programs.


A calendar of company-specific benefit events hosted by the employer or third-party vendors.

Centralize All Your Benefits Programs


Care Navigation

Financial wellness



Mental Health

Nutritional Coaching

Pregnancy & Fertility

Price Transparency


Second Opinion




Health Coaching

Custom Integrations

The Complete Jiff Ecosystem

Our Proven Impact

We've made major gains at some of the largest, most-respected companies in the world.

Higher Engagement

Our customers consistently see 50% to 300% improvements in employee engagement in health programs.

Happier Employers

In a recent survey, more than 80% of employees felt an improvement in overall job satisfaction due to Jiff.

A Culture of Health

Our customers are consistently named "best companies to work for" and honored for their benefits programs.