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Jiff collaborates with some of the most well-respected companies in the health benefits space.


The Jiff Ecosystem

These apps, devices, and services help consumers stay healthy, manage chronic conditions, and access care delivery in new and incredible ways.

We Only Work with the Best

Our partners are all-stars in their respective categories.

High Adoption

Our partners are battle-proven. They serve millions of people across the country and the world.

Exceptional Engagement

Our partners live and breathe engagement. Their users are loyal, logging in every day or more.

5-Star Satisfaction

Our partners are loved and admired. They consistently receive top marks in user satisfaction scores.

Categories of Solutions




Nutrition Coaching




Financial Wellness

Weight Tracking

Health Coaching


Price Transparency

Care Navigation

Second Opinion

Pregnancy & Fertility

Mental Health

Smoking Cessation

Deep Integrations

It’s no small feat to integrate dozens of apps, devices, and services in a meaningful way. Many benefits portals take the easy way out, linking out to partners rather than building real, two-way integration.

At Jiff, we believe these shortcuts can hurt more than help. Employee engagement depends on a unified, seamless experience, which requires serious engineering effort. We invest heavily in understanding our partners’ data, working closely with their development teams to build what amounts to entirely new product workflows. But the payoff is worth it—beautiful, engaging design.

Impact Case Studies

Biometric Screening


Jiff worked with BioIQ to developed an integrated, streamlined biometric screening program, linked to incentives.

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Jiff worked with Ovuline to tie incentives to participation in a pregnancy tracking program, with a focus on engaging high-risk employees.

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