Health Benefits.

Your company spends too much on healthcare and gets too little for it. Jiff's enterprise health benefits platform saves employers money by organizing all your vendors, curating the relevant ones for each employee, and incentivizing each employee to use the solutions that will create the most value. Smart benefits. Brilliant design. Welcome to the future of enterprise healthcare.

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  1. Step 1

    Pinpoint Pain Points

    The first step is to identify the pain points that are driving cost and poor health. You know your population better than anyone, but Jiff can help you identify those changes to your incentive design that will most improve your bottom line, and most improve your population’s health.

    • Mental Health

    • Inactive

    • Sleep

    • Too Many ER Visits

    • Medical Errors

    • Overpriced Medical Services

    • Overweight

    • Chronic Disease

    • Stress

  2. Step 2

    Customize Your Platform

    Using the Jiff platform, we build a customized experience based on your benefit design. We integrate solutions you already have, and let you choose from over 50 solutions that sync seamlessly with the Jiff platform. Your product is then brilliantly designed from the ground up, specifically to engage your employees.

    • Too Many ER Visits


    • Inactive

      Get Active

    • Stress


    Earn up up to

    Earn up up to

    Earn up up to

  3. Step 3

    Personalize Incentives

    Based on your pain points, goals, and objectives, we personalize each employee’s incentives experience to maximize usage of ROI-generating solutions. Employees are able to easily navigate across all of their health benefits, earning rewards for completing the behaviors that save you money. They can log in from their phones using our mobile apps, or from their desk using the web version.




  4. Step 4

    Watch It Work

    At Jiff, we believe in using data to continuously improve everything we do. That is why we are the only company in the industry to give you easy-to-understand, real-time reporting to see what is working and what isn’t. Our platform will enable you to quickly learn about your population, and then to rapidly respond with changes to incentive design and deployment of point solutions, optimizing your savings.

    POWEREDMission ControlDevice/App/ServiceMovesJawboneShineNikeFitbitOutcomesOverall Participation80%100%60%40%80%100%60%20%0%Jiff - Mission ControlIncentives Earned$250$300$200
  5. Step 5

    Best-In-Class Support

    At Jiff, we make it simple for you and your employees. We do the heavy lifting, giving you a solution matched to your unique needs, that delivers cost savings for you and an engaging experience for your employees. A personal Jiff guide for you, and expert customer champions for employees, make working with Jiff downright amazing.

“We chose to work with Jiff because it's one-of-a-kind...People at Jiff have a vision about engaging employees and making a difference in their lives.”

Milt Ezzard Senior Director of Global Benefits at Activision Blizzard

“Our employees talk about their devices, they ask each other how they're doing....and all that is because of how we introduced Jiff. It's creating a buzz, it's creating camaraderie, it's creating a community.”

Sarah Sardella Director, Global Benefits at Akamai Technologies

What Our Users Think

“Jiff is the ultimate morale booster when it comes to discussion, sharing, healthier eating habits, and tracking your progress step-by-step.”


“Since I enrolled in Jiff, my daily schedule has changed; I feel better, I'm being more productive and [more] physically active.”


“I've always wanted to pay attention to my health, but this program has actually made me an active participant in my health improvement.”


“I find the company challenges really motivate me to step up my activity. I enjoy the friendly competition with my co-workers.”


“Right now, I'm only 250 points away from a free year of Amazon Prime. But it's that motivation that is working to change my habits into more healthy ones.”

New York